MKDAD 2018: You See Me- moving forward

MKDAD brings together a range of communities from across Milton Keynes and for 2018 we are inviting artists, dancers and athletes to be a part of these celebrations. Re-imagining the way that society views disability we want to create a platform where we can address disability issues within a chosen theme.

For 2018 MKDAD has decided to focus on the theme of movement.

This year’s theme of movement has derived from our exploration into sport. We will be inviting athletes, dancers and artists to join us in this conversation to see how we can create equal opportunities which are accessible and fully inclusive for all.

We can interpret the theme of movement in two ways- we are moving forward and progressing as an organisation, growing and learning year to year. MKDAD as a movement brings together communities across Milton Keynes that are moving together-moving toward a new and better understanding of disabilities and moving on from how disabilities have been treated in the past.

We also want to look at movement and our understanding of what that means in relationship to our bodies, ourselves and additional objects that assist in our movement recognising that movement as a physical thing is not ever the same for each individual, whether they are restricted by age, illness, mental health or physical disability.